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By Pedro Miguel Silva and Tiago Castro Guise
Version 1.0 - Lisbon, July 1998, updated on October 1999

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Simplex Applet:

The available LP algorithms are: Simplex Method, Revised Method, Primal Dual and Simplex Dual.

Enter Your Linear Program:

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How the Applet Works:

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Linear Programming:

    A linear program is a problem a problem that can be expressed as follows:

    min          cx          (Standard Form)
    subject to Ax = b
                    x >= 0

   Where "x" is the vector of variables to be solved, "A" is the matrix of known coefficients and "c" and "b" are vectors of known coefficients. The Expression "cx" is called the objective function and  the equations "Ax = b" are called the constraints.

Syntax of Linear Program:

    [max:|min:]   c1 x1   + ... + cN xN;   (Objective function)
    [c1:]   a11x+ ... + a1NxN    "= | > | < | => | <=" b1;   (Constraints)
    [cM:]  aM1x1 + ... + aMNx"= | > | < | => | <=" bM;

    Where "x" is the vector of variables to be solved for, "A" is a matrix of known coefficients, and "c" and "b" are vectors of known coefficients.  M is the number of constraints and N is the number of variables.

A Small Example:

    The following example demonstrates the applet. This problem requires the two phases method.

    2 constraints and 2 variables

    min: x1 + 1.5 x2;
    c1: 0.5 x1 + x2 >= 7.5;
         2 x1 + x2 >= 15;
         x1 >= 0;
         x2 >= 0;

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Created by: Pedro Miguel Silva and Tiago Castro Guise

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